Stream Diving: April 6th Song Reviews
By: Thomas Rodriguez

The following 5 songs have all been made available for streaming on music platforms. After having checked them out, here’s what I thought!


A$AP Rocky- A$AP Forever (feat. Moby)
After a string of pretty bad singles, it seems like Rocky finally got his act together! Well, sort of. The intro and hook of this song, with their boring “gang” lyrics, are pretty bad, but the beat manages to keep interest because it isn’t generic as all hell. Once Rocky’s one verse in the track kicks in alongside the bombastic beat switch, the song sounds amazing. Rocky’s good flow makes a much-needed reappearance here! When the song reaches the Moby-sampling outro, it’s as artsy and pretty as only someone like Rocky can make it, allowing for a strong finish. The single is a mixed bag, but at least it has good elements, unlike a lot of Rocky’s newer singles. Decent is definitely an improvement over bad.


Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa- One Kiss
No Calvin Harris, we thought you’d moved on! After his amazing stab at synth funk with his previous album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, Harris seemed to have dropped his attempts at making overly trendy and simplistic house music in order to produce amazingly catchy and fun songs. Well, he kind of regressed here. Dua Lipa’s singing is decent, but the beat is just too boring and safe to make up for its repetitiveness. If the beat had been made a little more dynamic, (or at least not snore-inducing), this could have been a decent song for the duo.


Drake- Nice For What
For the first time in about three years, Drake made something that sounds happy. Hallelujah! The poppy beat is absolutely incredible, with its danceable grooves and soulful Lauryn Hill sample. Drake’s performance is solid as hell, and his positive lyrics are just too sweet to not smile at. After having made sleepy trap songs for a while now, Drake gave us something that oozes with liveliness in all aspects. If you want to spice up your party or workout, this is a must-play.


Denzel Curry- Sumo
Jesus, now that’s how you make a banger. Florida rapper Denzel Curry, despite having announced his hiatus from music, just released this new single, and it goes hard. Curry sounds like an absolute animal on the mic, taking the bass heavy beat and absolutely owning it like a champion. Not only are the beat and delivery of the song great, but Curry’s lyrics are just too good to ignore. Mixing in equally clever and hilarious pop culture references with hardcore bragging, Curry turns the song into something equally hype building and laugh inducing. Blast this in your car before a big game or at the gym, and you will not be disappointed.


Kali Uchis- Miami (feat. BIA)
“Miami” is a perfect song to relax to, especially if you live in the Miami area. With its extremely relaxed guitar licks, soft drums, and hypnotic vocals, “Miami” makes you feel like you’re sinking into the sands of a beautiful beach (or the cushions of your couch). Uchis’ delivery is subdued, but incredibly effective at creating a peaceful vibe, especially when it’s paired with descriptive lyrics about the 305 and the city’s opportunities. BIA’s verse is equally effective, describing the city and its qualities perfectly in a short but coy verse, capping off a solid R&B song.


Did you listen to these songs? What did you think? Leave what you thought in the comments below!