By: Tommy Rodriguez

Thank the trap gods, Gucci Mane is back! The Zone 6 legend (Gucci Mane), continuing his unceasing winning streak since his return from prison a few years back, seems to have embraced his past few years of commercial and personal victory in order to drop a new batch of tracks on the album Delusions of Grandeur. Flexing his Greek god-esque muscles while straddling two Rolls-Royces, Gucci has seemingly ascended to the top of the game, having done everything possible to be the rap star he has always destined to be. He’s running his victory lap right now, but he’s not even out of breath.

This invincibility and growth is what “Proud of You” is all about. It is easily one of this year’s hottest tracks.

Gucci’s usual trap flavor comes through on the sound of “Proud of You”; Kenny Beats’ sinister synths are woozy and intoxicating, evoking the feeling of sipping the lean Gucci raps about having given up. The gargantuan bass is matched by Gucci’s suave attitude, combining to give his voice an added thrust on the melody of the track alongside some rickety trap snares. Kenny Beats proves he is one of the most technically proficient beat-makers in the game, using only a few sounds to craft an instrumental that’s equally threatening and celebratory. 

“Proud of You” is Guwop’s song, and is one of the best tracks he has dropped in the past few years. He plays the suave don, dapping himself up for his accomplishments and defeat of addiction and prison time. His voice, as stated before, is almost hypnotic. Gucci’s sense of humor comes through on plenty of these bars too, switching his cars like a game of switcheroo and sinking the Titanic with his icy pinky jewelry. Going from county blues to counting blues is an excellent play on words from Mr. Zone 6, proving he is more than simply flexing and celebrating here: he still has something to prove, to ascend beyond his current status at the top.

And that’s what makes “Proud of You” so great. It’s a hungry song coming from someone who should be full, satisfied at the top. Yes, Gucci is at the peak of his popularity, but he’s still making moves. And if the moves are as good as this song, I’ll gladly keep listening. 

Final Score: 5/5

Heat Rating: Blisteringly Hot

Watch the video for Proud of You Here!