Sneaky pianos, heavy reverb, and solid performances lead the way in GrownBoiTrap’s latest Lil Toe-assisted single.

By: Tommy “T-Rod” Rodriguez

Sneaky pianos, heavy reverb, and solid performances lead the way in GrownBoiTrap’s latest Lil Toe-assisted single.

GrownBoiTrap and Lil Toe are not your atypical, mainstream-groomed rappers. Instead of flexing their glistening Beamers, new kicks, and chains, the duo opt for a confidence that comes with an animalistic tendency for danger and stomach-churning hunger. The duo, upon listening to their respective past works, clearly have a lot of chemistry and similar niches in dirty, hard hitting rap music from West Palm, so a collaboration is more than welcome at the table. This collaboration, titled “Rock Out”, is no exception to this rule. Strap in for a disgusting banger that’ll scare away the competition in the early stages of 2020. 

Off the bat, “Rock Out” sounds unusual for a South Florida banger. The pocket of the beat is wider, and the keys laced into it are tinged with an eerie atmosphere to them, almost birthed out of a horror movie. The bass moves effectively, putting some serious dents into the ears and sound system, while the production on GrownBoiTrap’s and Toe’s voices go heavy on reverb. The sound of the song brings to mind many of the beats Young Dolph and other Memphis MCs ride, but still keeps the speed and minimalism that South Florida is known for. A banger indeed, especially with Trap and Toe spitting some hard game on the song.

Trap and Toe’s chemistry is immediate upon first listen; the two tag team their opponents with brutal descriptions of Balenciaga curb stomps, lady stealing, and general gunplay. While not exactly reinventing their wheels, the two MCs sound great on the beat and demonstrate the power that vocal confidence can have on a track. Trap on the hook is great, and his songwriting remains catchy as ever. While I wish the track could be longer, it’s nice to hear him and Toe talk their shit as a collective force of power. It’s a musical beatdown from two tough-as-nails artists, but it’s a beatdown that is memorable and snappy as hell. 

Overall, I like “Rock Out” quite a bit! The beat itself was a unique direction for GrownBoiTrap and Lil Toe to go in, but they make sure they leave their mark on the track with some truly evil energy and memorable moments. “Rock Out” is like putting a new, delicious spice on an old favorite recipe; it is a new take on a classic SoFlo-rap dish. For a fan of the chaotic side of hip-hop, as well as any West Palm resident looking for a new banger, you’ll definitely like this one!

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