By: Tommy “T-Rod” Rodriguez

What has been on repeat for us here at SOFLOSOUND? Any new stuff, any old? Join me as I recommend some awesome tracks for you to check out!

Chase Ure – “Not Over You”

A slapper of nostalgic aesthetics and modern polish, Chase Ure’s entirely self-recorded new single is due for a rock playlist placement. “Not Over You” is a heavy banger, with droning guitars and somber lyrics shredding at the speakers and heart. The songwriting here is great at emphasizing how sadness envelopes the protagonist, but it also emphasizes how good Chase is at writing a great hook. Couple this great writing with production that balances every part of the mix exceptionally, and you have a great rock song on your hands.

Raquel – “Nice Guys Don’t Exist”

A more punky joint, “Nice Guys Don’t Exist” is a great example of how to do new punk rock right. Raquel’s lyrics here still hit as she laments over  corny dudes that hide their true intentions; it’s equal parts cheeky and heartfelt, and the message is honestly essential in today’s forever shallowing dating pool. What makes the message land, however, is how well composed the song is; every verse, every chorus and bridge bleeds beautifully into each other. The main guitar melody hits, and as pianos and additional riffs kick in the final chorus lands beautifully. If you’re into the punk scene, you gotta pop this one in. 

Ari Lennox – “POF”

A funky and intimate track about being unable to find a proper romantic parter, “POF” is one hell of a way to start a record. Ari Lennox’s latest album just dropped, and with this being my first sample of the record (outside of its singles), I’m already impressed. Ari’s vocals are heavenly and confident as she croons over a very quiet yet wavy beat. Definitely will be checking out this record. 

Saudade & Justin Scott – “Speed Racer”

If there was any song that blended genres the most on this list, it’d be “Speed Racer.” Saudade and Justin Scott bleed influences of pop, hip-hop, pop rock, electronica and tons of other genres for a pure bop, with both singing on an explosive chorus and Saudade killing it on the verses as well. It feels like a futuristic type of track, the kind of song you know that should exist because of how good it sounds, but you’ve only now just discovered. While it is a sad track, it’s still a slapper and worth checking out!

38 Spesh – “Holy Spirit”

This here is a SPESHAL track!

Jokes aside, I was unaware that 38 Spesh’s newest project was out, and upon listening to this song I was instantly tantalized. Spesh’s talents as a wordsmith are undeniable, mixing in some truly clever wordplay and imagery as he brags about receiving tithes from buyers, having holy water in his mailbox, and other forms of villainous boasts. It’s a great mix of gospel and gangsta, playing to Spesh’s talents and the beat’s epic presentation. Any rap fan has to check this out.

Gorillaz feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown – “New Gold”

New Gorillaz LP on the way? My body is ready.

Gorillaz always puts in some odd features on their tracks, and “New Gold” is pretty much that to a T. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown dominate the track, doing solid jobs on top of the constantly pulsing techno beat. It’s a very hypnotic, almost laidback track that just feels right to your head, even if the lyrics can be a little nonsensical. It’s not the best Gorillaz song of all time or anything, but it’s still great at what it does…so give it a shot!

Rosalia –  “CHIRI”

Having come across the deluxe version of Rosalia’s AWESOME Motomami record, I decided to listen to “CHIRI” to have a small sample of the bonuses. Needless to say, I was impressed with the track’s excellent continuation of Motomami’s experimental nature. The beat is compressed as hell and hits like a kidney punch with its shotgun drums, but Rosalia’s performance is cold, stark and beautiful all the same. For anyone who’s into hyperpop and reggaeton, you may find the perfect mix for you.

Bessie – “Still There”

To round out our genre styles for the week, we have Bessie’s “Still There,” a gorgeous electronic track that is both pretty and ambitious at five minutes. Bessie’s use of composition here is great, constantly adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing different portions of the beat to make each passage a wild ride. They also give the song time to breathe, with its most beautiful moments being its quietest oddly enough. It’s a great song for atmospheric drives, contemplation, and even just staring at the sky. Definitely worth checking out. 

Denzel Curry – “The Ills”

Having listened to a lot of JID’s latest album lately, I decided to take a break and listen to another stellar record, Denzel Curry’s Melt My Eyez, See Your Future. Another great release from Zel, its final track has been on repeat for me lately. “The Ills” is a somber jazz rap cypher, but there’s something hypnotically addictive to it. Is it the vague sense of hope? Denzel’s passionate verses? The perfect jazz rap production? I can’t say, but this song alone can hook you on Denzel Curry’s 2022 gem. 

Little Brother feat. Joe Scudda – “Lovin’ It”

In honor of Little Brother’s The Minstrel Show celebrating its 17th anniversary, you know I had to throw this wonderful song on here. Little Brother’s brand of soulful production (ala 9th Wonder), clever and funny verses, and knack for pulling together classic rap tracks is on full display on “Lovin’ It.” Very few songs are as perfect as this one, with Big Pooh, Phonte and Joe Scudda each turning in one great verse after another. This is the perfect kind of song to just nod your head to as you go about your day; it’ll definitely raise your spirit and make you feel like everyone else is lovin’ it too.

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