Singer-songwriter Still Woozy keeps up his streak of introspective, dreamlike music with the heartfelt "BS"

By: Amanda Alvarez

Sven Gamsky, better known as Still Woozy, is a talented singer-songwriter who is ready to take his first steps into the limelight. Ever since the 2017 release of his hit track “Goodie Bag,” his popularity has grown at an insane rate. With this same song having a resurgence of popularity this year, his takeover seems all but inevitable, especially to the many that were introduced to his artistry through this song. His music has a certain dream-like quality, assisted by his gentle voice and his frequent use of synthesizers, specifically his Juno 106.

This hypnotic, internal utopia is a staple of his sound, taking his music away from the realm of the radio and transporting the listener to the inside of his head, where he crafts a specific mood that verges on a nostalgia for the unknown.

Gamsky’s work has previously been described as “psychedelic bedroom pop” by NME. His new single, “BS”, follows this same principle: his voice follows the soft, speak-singing style that conjures an image of being in bed while gazing out at a canopy of stars. His music conveys a sense of sadness and unreality, similar to the feeling of driving towards the airport through fog in the early morning. He creates musical liminal spaces.

“BS” conveys a sense of confusion and self-reflection, with Gamsky feeling fear in acknowledging his sole desire: the person he is speaking to. He begs for the person to not be mad when he leaves in the morning, and slowly realizes that he just wants to lay in bed with the person all day. He isolates his voice when singing about his own thoughts about the situation…until the music bursts forth just as he reveals that he just wants to throw these thoughts away and do what he actually wants to do with the object of his affections.

Gamsky is known for self-producing, mostly because he has “curated [his] own tastes over the years, where [he has] all these little things you hear…certain sounds that just resonate with you”, (according to a press release he held via UMG). He adds many layers to his music, keeping it busy enough for the listener to get lost in the landscapes he makes without becoming overwhelmed and maintaining an intensity of clarity. His lyrics verge on poetry, where multiple meanings can be found as he navigates the unknowns of his relationships around him. He has a vision that stays unique and fresh with every song, bringing forth new depth to his ideas and what he wishes to convey to his listeners.

Check out “BS” below! Special thanks to Universal Music Group, Still Woozy, and all parties involved for this wonderful, dreamy experience!

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