T-Rod dives into what may be GrownBoiTrap’s most catchy song to date...

By: Tommy “T-Rod” Rodriguez

Grownboi Trap goes hooky and cute for his latest single and music video “Uh Huh”.

The Prolific West Palm upstart is back again with another single! As GrownBoiTrap continues on into the quarantine season, he has seen fit to gift South Florida residents and trap fans another taste of his music. “Uh Huh”, the song in question, is one of his most upbeat and catchy, but still represents that competitive element that he characterizes so well. 

Speaking on “Uh Huh” as a single, it’s easily Trap’s most pop-sensible. The sparse keys add a sense of softness that hasn’t quite been felt in a GrownBoiTrap single, but they combine with the hollow snares to make a unique blend of peppy and threatening. Trap’s performance over the instrumental is equally diverse, with his volume rising and falling to add emphasis on his bars. The verse here is typical Trap: lots of flexing and criminal activity is discussed, but it fits the beat well (especially when he times his more funny lines with a pause of the beat, a trait of his that I adore).

My favorite part of the track, however is the hook. It’s easily Trap’s most trendy sounding refrain, but it works wonderfully alongside the background “uh huhs” laced within the beat. It’s celebratory and mean at once, but it walks that thematic tightrope with a surprising level of finesse and stickiness. I could see the hook working on a hit Ski Mask the Slump God single with its combined use of melody and danger. Trap is trying out a different sound, but I’m all here for it, especially if it’s as catchy as this is.

The accompanying video for “Uh Huh” is also amongst the lightest in Trap’s catalogue. While the setting is still grimy and threatening (with firepower and cash in abundance), a new presence dominates the scenery: an adorable dog! While GrownBoiTrap’s MO doesn’t usually evoke “cute” scenery, the use of some heartwarming visuals works nicely alongside “Uh Huh” as a song. It’s a perfect bookend to what “Uh Huh” is. It’s Trap’s most pop-centric and accessible single, but it still has the hunger that makes him so exciting to watch!

Check out “Uh Huh” below!

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