Brandan discusses Sweet Action short, but high impact, EP from Jack Harlow

By: Brandan Verrastro

Louisville’s newest artist has come out with what looks like an EP, Sweet Action. His name has been buzzing around with a shocking magnitude. When you look at a white dude in hip-hop, there are a few things you hope to find. Mainly, does he respect the game of hip-hop? Does he make a mockery of it? So many white rappers have made it tough to really root for. Look at G-Eazy, Logic, Macklemore and Eminem (as of late). You have very few who can come through and make respectable to great hip-hop music. You can look at Eminem (before 2017), Mac Miller and Action Bronson as guys who truly respected the culture. So what does Harlow bring?

He may have the look of an E-Boy Tik-Toker, but make no mistake: the kid has skill. Harlow makes it seem effortless when recording a track with his super smooth voice. “WHAT’S POPPIN” is the big hit, and it’s clear why. His super catchy flow along with the bright beat makes for a great bop for the year. Harlow shows his many talents, being able to make multiple bops, melodic jams and some trap-influenced tracks. “2STYLISH” could have easily been another single that could be played in any club.

The vibe Harlow gives off are the some of the smoothest I’ve heard. “OUT FRONT” is for every woman trying to catch a relaxing vibe from the curly-haired rapper. “HEY BIGHEAD” is where he taps into his aggressive side, and even a bit of his funny side with bars like,

“She wanna fuck me one-on-one / We might run that train instead / Me and my friend just like twins / Same nutsack and the same dick head (What the fuck?)”

Harlow has a bag of tricks that can help him soothe the soul while still being himself. That is the biggest takeaway from Sweet Action; this is clearly who he is as a person. The vibe he gives off doesn’t seem phony and is definitely not cringeworthy. He is here to make bops that ride throughout the summer. It’s a super easy listen, seven tracks and has a relaxed vibe to it. I’m now anticipating the big album, because my ears are ready.

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